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I do not only want to be your reliable furnisher, but beyond selling I would like to accompany you with a broad offer of service and assistance to make your hobby a source of pure enjoyment. And I would enjoy being your guide and partner in building up your collection.


Good service is not a minor affair

Get acquainted with the service I offer:

  • Shipment with open invoice to known customers
  • Return without difficulties of any item in case of lack of approval
  • Quick postal dispatch by registered mail or packet, also to foreign countries
  • Private all-risk transport insurance for each shipment
  • Self-cost shipments on approval and photo copies, resp. scan service free of charge
  • Payment by instalment up to six months without extra charge
  • Extensive want list service
  • Reliable want list and backward subscription
  • Reliable notice of temporarily unavailable items
  • Advice when buying/selling, and reliable appraisal of collections

I am also strong in buying!

For faultless quality I pay high, market-fair prices oriented at least on results of renowned auction houses According to your wishes, you are paid immediately after the sale either in cash, by cheque or money transfer. Shipments of appropriate ware can be done at any time, but best after agreement by phone. Larger objects can be collected at your home. You can also make an appointment and deliver your stamps personally at my office at Breite Gasse 84, Nuremberg; payment upon hand-over.

In supply of my sheet-corner stock and to serve pre-noted clients, I am constantly interested in buying:

  • good mint individual values and sets
  • complete or parts of mint collections

 When you sell to me, you have the following advantages:

  • competent and fair evaluation
  • high prices which reflect the market
  • prompt payment at full discretion
  • no additional fees as when you make auction deposits
  • no after-deposit claims or returns
  • upon request, complete hand-over of all your stamps

High-value stamps and those that risk forgery must be accompanied by a certificate, otherwise they will be sent to the approved German BPP expert for certification and/or signature.



Briefmarken Uwe von Poblocki
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Sie haben Fragen? Schreiben Sie mir oder nehmen Sie mit mir Kontakt auf per Kontaktformular.

Do you have any questions? Please get in touch with me by mail or my contact form.

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