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German Reich 1924 to 1945


You are looking for the exclusive sheet corners and corners stamps of the German Reich for the period 1924 to 1945? Then this is the right website for you: You have found Uwe von Poblocki from Nuremberg, Germany.

I proudly present on my website a collecting area of German philately that has been slumbering for ages like Sleeping Beauty in her spell-bound castle, and the main reason ist the scarcity of the material namely:

    MINT SHEET CORNERS of the GERMAN REICH 1924 to 1945


For that reason I believe it is opportune to give a short insight into the particularities of this collecting area, which without any doubt and exaggeration can be called the Royal Discipline of Collecting mint stamps of the German Reich from 1924 onwards. Feel the fascination of the aesthetics and exclusiveness which this collecting field imparts. 

On the following pages you will find all necessary information on the collecting area as well as its particularities. I would also like to present my self-portrait. Please contact me if you have any further questions, if you feel interested in my offer, or if you want to receive a free copy of my price list.

Here you can buy directly some corner sheets from my offer:


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Briefmarken Uwe von Poblocki
Breite Gasse 84
90402 Nürnberg
Telefon: 0049911227822 0049911227822
Fax: 0049911227877

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