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This has been my device since 1980 when I began to run a stamp shop in downtown Nuremberg that year. I started with stamps and the necessary accessories (albums & catalogues), and gradually I extended my stock by including postal history, postcards, later on coins and other collectibles like medals and decorations, money bills and historical shares.


In all these fields, my knowledge is not just superficial but based on in-depth study of available literature. For you as my customer that means that I am well competent to give a judgement on the quality and genuineness of the pieces I offer, thus avoiding unpleasant surprises which do not help anybody. In this context, two mottos are my guideline:


"Competence cannot be bought.... You must work up for it!"  and

"Confidence cannot be bought.... You must earn it!"


In 2011, with a bleeding heart, I decided to do away with most of my philatelic stock in order to dedicate myself exclusively to coins and paper money of Germany and Europe.

As for stamps, I intensively concentrate only on the following premium segment:


Mint sheet corners of the German Reich from 1924 to 1945 and Berlin from 1948 to 1954!


My quite often decade-long membership in study groups and professional associations should serve as a further indication of my serious character and reliability:

  • Professional Association of German Coin Dealers
  • BDPh  Federation of German Philatelists
  • INFLA Berlin




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