General Conditions of Sale

1. Offers, Prices

All my offers are priced in EUROS and without commitment, i.e. under reserve of interim-sale and error. Prices do not include VAT, since all stamps are subject to a differentiated taxation according to German taxation legislation (UStG §25a).
As a rule, very scarce corner items and particularities are available in one single copy only. Please provide a sufficient amount of in lieu orders.
It may happen that individual stamps or sets are temporarily unavailable in my stock. In such cases I endeavour to supply them as soon as possible, or I note the impossibility of supply on your order sheet.


2. Guarantee of Genuineness

I guarantee the genuineness of all stamps provided by me. For the duration of six months from the date of the invoice, I pledge to accept any return if the customer can prove that the provided stamps have been forged or manipulated. Claimed stamps must be returned in their original state. The application of the “Falsch“ (false) mark by a certified BPP expert is not considered an alteration. You can decide if you want a substitute – as far as possible – or the full payment of your purchase price plus all encountered fees for the certificate and shipment.


3. Shipment

Clients known to me receive shipments with the invoice joined. New customers are kindly invited to provide certifiable references if their invoice does not exceed 200 Euros, for higher amounts pre-payment is kindly expected.
Shipments are done by post in form of fully insured registered letters or packets.

The minimum order is 50 Euros, amounts below are subject to a handling charge of 5 Euros. Shipments exceeding 250 Euros are postage free, below that amount a general charge of 4 Euros is due for postage, handling and insurance.


4. Payment

Invoices are due for payment after 14 days. Orders exceeding 500 Euros are open to payment by instalment upon previous agreement. Please contact me in full confidence. Instalments are possible up to six months without extra charge, with a monthly payment of no less than 100 Euros.
In case of delayed payment, an interest of 6 % above the discount rate of the ECB is due starting with the day of due payment. If payment by instalment had been agreed upon, the complete remaining amount is due in case of delayed payment.


5. Substitution, Returns

You have a general right of substitution resp. return for the duration of one month after delivery of the shipment, independently of the genuineness as explained in § 2. Please respect §§ 7 and 8. If possible, you will get a substitution if you wish so, otherwise you receive a refund of all encountered costs. 


6. Property Reserve

All shipped ware remains my property until full payment. As long as it has not been fully paid for, my written approval is required in case the ware is to be sold, given as pledge or guarantee.


7. Instruction on Cancelation Rights according to the Law regulating Internet sales

Instruction on Cancelation Rights / Cancelation Rights:

You are entitled to cancel this contract within fourteen days without giving a reason.

The term for cancelling is limited to fourteen days after the day when the ware was handed over to you or a third person in your name who was not the transporter.


Uwe von Poblocki

Breite Gasse 84

90402 Nürnberg


To make use of your right of cancelation, you must inform us of your decision to cancel this contract. To do so, you can use the attached cancelation sample form, but any other form is acceptable as well.

To respect the cancelation term, it is sufficient for you to send us the information that you make use of your cancelation rights before the expiration of the cancelation term.


Consequences of the cancelation

If you cancel this contract, we have to refund all payments received from you, including the delivery costs (with the exception of supplementary costs originating from the fact that you wished another than the standard, less expensive delivery), and this without delay and at the latest within fourteen days after the day when the information of your cancelation of this contract reached us. For this refund we use the same way of transfer as chosen by you in the original transfer unless a different agreement was expressly made with you; in any case you will not encounter any costs for the refund. We can refuse the refund until the ware has been returned to us or until you have provided the proof that the ware has been shipped by you, whatever is earlier.


You have to return the ware without delay and in any case at the latest within fourteen days from the day you informed us about your cancelation of this contract. The cancelation term is considered respected if you ship the ware before the expiration of the period of fourteen days.

The immediate costs for the return of the ware are yours.

You have to carry an eventual loss of the value of the ware only in case this loss of value is due to an unnecessary handling of the ware for the sake of an expertise of the condition, quality and functioning of the ware.

Consequences of the return: In case of an effective cancelation, each side has to return all received services and eventual profits (e.g. advantages of use, interests). In case the ware has been lowered in value, a value substitute can be claimed. This clause does not apply if the lowering of value is due exclusively to its examination – such as would have been possible for you in the shop. For the rest you can avoid any claim of value substitute if you do not treat the ware as if you were its owner and if you avoid anything that might infringe its value.


8. Place of fulfilment and court


Place of fulfilment and court for both sides, as far as legally possible, is Nuremberg, otherwise it is the buyer’s place of residence.
If any of the afore-mentioned clauses should be totally or partially ineffective, the rest of the provisions are not affected.

End of instruction on cancelation rights.

Date: June 1, 2014




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